Craftsmanship & Design

Atlantic saxophones have been meticulously designed in the heart of London and draw together the best elements of the greatest saxophones throughout history. Our saxophones are made in Huo-Li, the esteemed hub of Taiwan's premier saxophone production—a district rich in saxophone manufacturing history and brimming with pride.

We craft our saxophones by blending traditional techniques from Europe, America, and Japan. This unique design philosophy incorporates the strengths of various manufacturing methods, imbuing our saxophones with distinct character to ensure they stand out as more than just replicas of previously crafted instruments.

Research & Development

Pioneering the Development at Atlantic London is Jamie Straker, a co-partner of the globally acclaimed saxophone retailer, SAX. Drawing from his extensive two-decade tenure working closely with numerous professional saxophonists, teachers, passionate enthusiasts & technicians, Jamie harnessed the valuable insights and knowledge acquired from these collaborations. Motivated by the collective feedback, he embarked on a mission to create an instrument that encapsulates the finest qualities found in the world's greatest saxophones while infusing it with a distinct style and character that sets it apart.

Hand Engraving

Each saxophone is adorned with intricate engravings meticulously crafted by a master engraver boasting decades of experience in the field. In an era where many modern manufacturers are shifting towards laser-cut designs, we believe it is crucial to preserve and celebrate the artistry of hand engraving.

The Atlantic Sound

The foundation of the Atlantic Sound was laid with a paramount goal in mind: to craft a sound that is balanced, resonant, and versatile. When leaned back on, the saxophone emanates a full-bodied warmth and depth, creating a rich sonic tapestry. Yet, when pushed to its limits, it reveals a dynamic character, cutting through with sizzle and energy. This distinctive quality offers a multitude of harmonic overtones, making the Atlantic Sound truly exceptional.